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About Our Team

Each of our board members has been involved in animal welfare in La Paz for many years, and continues to bring that same passion and focus to the organization's mission of reducing the number of unwanted and abandoned pets through sterilization campaigns. Many of you will recognize these faces from our sterilization campaigns and other efforts to support animal welfare in our communities.

Rebecca has been involved in animal welfare and dog rescue since moving to La Paz in 2016, where she resides full time. She and her husband, Jim, own Baja Life Realty and are active members of their community, supporting many local causes in La Paz and El Centenario, where they have their home. Together, they have rescued and fostered more than 130 dogs in their home, and believe that sterilization is the only way to stop the cycle of abandoned and unwanted dogs. ​

Linda is the heart and soul of Baja Dogs' sterilization campaigns. Linda is an advocate for the benefits of pet sterilization for the pets, their families, and the community. She organizes our monthly sterilization campaigns, and works tirelessly with our veterinary partners and volunteers to safely sterilize as many pets as possible each month. Linda has lived full time in La Paz since 2014, and has been volunteering and involved with La Paz animal welfare organizations for many years.

Kat is a part-time resident of La Paz along with her husband, Brighton, their golden retriever, Nugget, and the various dogs and cats they foster and care for each year. Kat is a seasoned consultant and nonpracticing environmental attorney with over 15 years of federal and state experience. She is an active participant in the communities of La Paz and El Centenario, leading local beach cleanup events and other social causes, as well as rescuing and caring for her foster pets.

Racquel has been a familiar and steadfast volunteer at Baja Dogs for many years. Her strong and positive presence is appreciated by all who volunteer and attend our sterilization campaigns. Raquel joins the board as Secretary of our Mexican A.C., Baja Dogs Programa de Esterilizacion. She volunteers at all of our campaign events and helps educate campaign attendees about responsible pet ownership.

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