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Sterilize a Dog

Help Us Fulfill Our Mission:

Get a Rescue Dog Sterilized

Download Our Low-Cost Sterilization Voucher*

Because Baja Dogs Sterilizations relies 100% on donations to fund our sterilization campaigns, we cannot afford to distribute free sterilization vouchers to everyone who wants to get a dog sterilized. However, we recognize that many of you in our community want to help reduce the overpopulation of abandoned street dogs, and we appreciate your help in supporting our mission!


*These vouchers are not intended for use to sterilize personal pets. Please use these vouchers only to sterilize rescue dogs, abandoned dogs or dogs in underserved communities.

To support your efforts, we have teamed with our veterinary partners to provide low-cost vouchers to anyone who wants to help get a dog sterilized. Vouchers can be redeemed at one of our participating veterinary partner offices. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to download a voucher with instructions on where and how to redeem it. The voucher offers a reduced rate of $1,000 MXN for one sterilization surgery, which is 50% or more of the price of a typical sterilization surgery.


You must contact the vet directly to schedule the surgery, and pay the veterinarian directly.


Things to keep in mind when sterilizing a dog:
  • Baja Dogs Sterilization vouchers can only be redeemed at our participating veterinary partners' offices. Details on our participating vets and contact information to schedule the surgery are included on the voucher.

  • Contact one of the veterinarians listed on the voucher to schedule the sterilization surgery.

  • Pay the veterinarian directly for the surgery, Baja Dogs Sterilizations does not accept payment for these vouchers.

  • If you would like additional medication, such as additional antibiotics or pain medication for the dog, those medications must be purchased separately and are not included in the cost of the surgery.

  • Dogs should not be given any food or water for at least 12 hours prior to having surgery. 

  • If you are planning to sterilize a stray dog, you will need to plan on confining the dog the night prior to the surgery to ensure they do not eat or drink within the 12 hour window. Contact us if you need to borrow a crate to help confine the dog to be sterilized.

  • Dogs should be reasonably healthy, and free of ticks and fleas, in order to have sterilization surgery. If in doubt, please consult the veterinarian you plan to use for the surgery before making your appointment.

  • It is the veterinarian's decision whether a pet is healthy enough to have sterilization surgery.

Get a Sterilization Voucher
Obtenga un Bono de Esterilización

Fill out the form to download a voucher to sterilize one dog for
the discounted rate of $1,000 MXN at our participating veterinarians' offices.

Complete el formulario y le enviaremos por correo electrónico un vale para esterilizar un perro por la tarifa con descuento de $1,000 MXN en los consultorios de nuestros veterinarios participantes.

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