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Helping Animals. Helping People.

How We Help

Baja Dogs Sterilizations focuses on helping underserved communities in La Paz, BCS, Mexico responsibly care for their pets through our monthly sterilization and education campaigns. We begin each campaign by partnering with a local neighborhood "champion" (usually a family matriarch) to get the word out about our campaigns. Campaigns are held in their neighborhood, at a local facility such as a school, library or park. We bring all of the supplies, and our approved licensed veterinarians perform the surgeries. A typical campaign sterilizes on average over 100 dogs in a single day. In addition, we distribute vouchers for free in-office surgeries to those whose dogs could not be sterilized on the day of the campaign.


Contrary to popular belief, there is no question that these families care deeply for their pets. The love and care is in their faces, and many are eager to take advantage of the opportunity to get their pets sterilized. Look through these photos and you will see what we mean. Through education and local involvement, we are changing the way local communities care for their beloved pets, one dog at a time.

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