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Help Us Make a Difference

Just $30 USD pays for one sterilization surgery. Please consider making your donation monthly. Together we can make a difference!

Fill out the form below to donate online.

To donate by mail, please send your check to: 



STE 182, PMB 6698

PHOENIX , AZ 85041

Did you know:


  • Baja Dogs Sterilizations is a 100% volunteer organization.

  • We are a registered US 501(c)3 nonprofit,
    EIN# 92-4000745. That means donations are tax-deductible in the US.

  • All donations go to support our pet sterilization campaigns.

  • Our sterilization campaigns benefit underserved communities throughout La Paz. Learn more here.

  • It costs $30 USD/$500 MXN to sterilize one dog. (This is a discounted rate generously provided to us by our licensed veterinary partners).

  • We sterilize on average around 150 dogs/month. That means the costs for our sterilization campaigns runs us $5,000 USD/month, or $60,000 USD/year. Without your donations, we could not provide this service.

  • Our veterinary partners give up their own time at least one Sunday a month, that would otherwise be spent with their families, to provide sterilization surgeries at our campaign events. We also perform several "mini"campaigns each month at residents' homes. 

  • Many of the pet dogs that are sterilized at our campaigns are rescued from the street by generous local families that share with their pets the little food they have.

  • We also provide discounted sterilization vouchers for anyone who rescues a street dog. For more details visit our Sterilize a Dog page here.

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