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Did you know:


  • Baja Dogs Sterilizations is a 100% volunteer organization.

  • We are a registered US 501(c)3 nonprofit,
    EIN# 92-4000745. That means donations are tax-deductible in the US.

  • All donations go to support our pet sterilization campaigns.

  • Our sterilization campaigns benefit underserved communities throughout La Paz. Learn more here.

  • It costs $30 USD/$500 MXN to sterilize one dog. (This is a discounted rate generously provided to us by our licensed veterinary partners).

  • We sterilize on average around 150 dogs/month. That means the costs for our sterilization campaigns runs us $5,000 USD/month, or $60,000 USD/year. Without your donation, we could not provide this service.

  • Our veterinary partners give up their own time at least one Sunday a month, that would otherwise be spent with their families, to provide sterilization surgeries at our campaign events. We also perform several "mini"campaigns each month at residents' homes. 

  • Many of the pet dogs that are sterilized at our campaigns are rescued from the street by generous local families that share with their pets the little food they have.

Donate Now

If you would like to make a donation in advance of the event to help us continue to sterilize dogs, please make your donation here. Fill out the form and you can pay by either PayPal or credit card.

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