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1,472 Pets Sterilized in Baja-Wide Spaying for Change Campaign

10 rescue groups participated in 2-day, 10-city campaign across Baja California and Baja California Sur

Baja Dogs Sterilizations participated in the first ever Spaying for Change campaign, when 10 rescue groups in 10 cities throughout the two states of Baja California and Baja California Sur participated and sterilized 1,472 animals over two days. On November 18th, Baja Dogs Sterilizations sterilized 78 dogs as part of this campaign, conceived and organized by Casa Sheila and Chiquita's Friends in San Jose del Cabo. It is the largest organized sterilization effort ever to be undertaken in Baja, and we are proud to have participated in this important event, and look forward to making this an annual effort!

Get details about the campaign and the organizations that participated here:



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