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1,668 Pets Sterilized in 2022

96 dogs were sterilized in our December campaigns, bringing our total to date to 2,671!

Baja Dogs La Paz continues to bring free sterilization services to underserved communities in La Paz. Thanks to our donors, volunteers and veterinary partners, in 2022 a total of 1,668 pets were sterilized, bringing our total to date to 2,671 sterilizations! Our final campaign of the year was held in the La Pasion neighborhood, where 38 dogs were sterilized. Another 58 vouchers were redeemed at our veterinary partners' offices, bringing our monthly total to 96 dogs sterilized. A big thanks to Dr. Mario and his team at Clinica Veterinaria El Centenario, Dr. Fernando at Baja Pet's, and Dr. Alan at Clinica Veterinaria Ortiz for their tireless commitment to helping these communities sterilize their pets.

Baja Dogs also hosted a Christmas posada (celebration) in December to thank our volunteers and veterinary partners. There was good food and fun, including a piñata contest, and a beautiful cake!

As the New Year unfolds, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support this past year. Each donation we receive goes a long way. $25 covers the cost of a single sterilization and this has a ripple effect that prevents up to 67,000 unwanted dogs over multiple generations! Thanks to your support, we can continue our work to make a lifelong impact to reduce the overpopulation of thousands of homeless dogs living on the streets in our community.


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