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113 Dogs Sterilized in February

Baja Dogs Sterilizations teamed up with our partner FANLAP this month to hold our main sterilization campaign at their facility on February 25th. The nonprofit organization helps La Paz area children realize their dreams through education. Sixty-one dogs were sterilized in a single day at the event, thanks to our veterinary partners Dr. Mario and his team, and Dr. Fernando and his team. In addition, our superstar volunteer Enriqueta Landeros held two mini-campaigns at her home, where Dr. Fernando sterilized 27 dogs on February 10th, and another 25 dogs on February 17th. That brings our total for the month to 113 dogs sterilized. Watch the slideshow video below to see pictures from our campaigns.

Our free sterilization campaigns are funded 100% by your donations, which are used to pay for campaign expenses including paying our veterinarians and purchasing campaign supplies. To help us continue this important work, please consider making a monthly donation here.


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