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158 Dogs Sterilized in September Campaigns

Free rabies vaccines administered, and dog registration assistance also delivered to help pet owners comply with new La Paz City ordinance.

Our efforts to bring free sterilization services to La Paz area communities continued throughout September, with a total of 158 dogs sterilized during the month. Our main campaign was held on September 24th, where 66 dogs were sterilized. Pet owners were also offered free rabies vaccinations for their dogs.

Watch the video to see pictures from our September campaign.

In addition to the main campaign, we held 3 separate mini campaigns at local residents' homes, where another 62 dogs were sterilized. These mini campaigns are proving very effective in helping residents in more remote areas, who do not have the resources to come to our main campaigns, get their pets sterilized. For those who could not attend the campaigns, 30 vouchers for in-office surgeries were also redeemed.

We held 3 mini campaigns at local resident homes to sterilize an additional 62 dogs.

Baja Dogs Sterilizations volunteers also assisted campaign attendees in registering their pets with the La Paz City Council, in accordance with a new ordinance that will require all pet owners within the La Paz Municipality to register their pets with the city, starting January 2024. This will help with locating lost dogs and cats, as well as with identifying stray animals. We will continue to educate people in future campaigns. Get the details on the city's new requirement here.

Pet sterilization is a community effort, and we encourage everyone, including visitors, residents and other rescue organizations, to collaborate in this important mission. In addition to our own sterilization campaigns, this month we loaned crates to one of our volunteers to help capture and sterilize 12 dogs that were dumped in a ranch area. The dogs were then brought to CEMAC to be sterilized.

To help us continue to provide free sterilizations, please consider making a monthly donation here.


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