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166 Dogs Sterilized in November 2023 Campaigns

1 large sterilization event and 3 mini campaigns were held throughout La Paz, BCS, Mexico.

Baja Dogs Sterilizations continues to bring free pet sterilization services to underserved communities throughout La Paz, BCS, Mexico. In November, a total of 166 dogs were sterilized. In our large campaign on November 12th in the community of Olas Altas, 78 pets were sterilized. Iin addition, we held 3 mini campaigns at local residents' homes, sterilizing a total of 49 pets, including 1 cat, in the communities of Perla de Golfo, Francisco Villa, and Diana Laura. The mini campaigns were organized by our volunteers, and included many stray street dogs, which is an important component of reducing the stray population. This year we have sterilized 1,931 animals so far, with a total of 4,581 pets sterilized to date! Watch the video to see pictures from our November campaigns:


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