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187 Dogs Sterilized in March Campaigns

Baja Dogs Sterilizations continued to bring free sterilization campaigns to local La Paz area neighborhoods in March.

March was a big month for us, with 187 dogs sterilized! We held one large sterilization campaign in the park in El Centenario, where 59 dogs were sterilized, thanks to the help of local subdelegado Otton Arce who arranged to donate the space for the campaign. Lots of volunteers came out to help as well, and it was a good lead-up to our Pawty & Play Fundraiser, held in April at San Juan Social Club in Chametla.

In addition, we held 3 "mini"campaigns at local area residents' homes, coordinated by our local volunteers Enriqueta Landeros and Rosa Cruz, where another 75 dogs were sterilized. Finally, another 53 sterilization vouchers were redeemed for in-office sterilization surgeries at our veterinary partners offices, Dr. Mario in El Centenario, Dr. Fernando and Dr. Alan Ortiz.

That brings our total to 566 dogs sterilized this year alone, and our total to date is over 5,000 dogs sterilized!

Watch a slideshow of pictures from the El Centenario campaign here:

Our campaigns are free to our constituents, but every dog we sterilize costs us $500 MXN, or $30 USD. We are a 100% volunteer organization, and we need your help to continue! Please consider making a monthly donation to help us continue this important work. Monthly donations, even just $30 USD per month, help us plan our budget and continue to sterilize dogs so we can reduce the number of abandoned street dogs in La Paz. You can donate here:


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