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202 Sterilizations Completed in January 2024

Baja Dogs Sterilizations kicks off the new year with one large and 3 mini pet sterilization campaigns.

It's a new year, and Baja Dogs Sterilizations kicked off 2024 with some impressive numbers! Our main campaign was held in Colonia Ruiz Cortinas, a local La Paz area neighborhood, where 81 dogs were sterilized in a single day. In addition, we continue to expand our mini campaigns, usually held at a local resident's property and coordinated by one of our volunteers. This month, we sterilized 60 dogs in 3 of these mini campaigns. That brings us to 4,975 total sterilizations completed to date!

Enriqueta Landeros is one of our most committed and passionate volunteers, and a fierce advocate for animal sterilization and rescue. This month, Enriqueta volunteered to hold 2 mini campaigns in her home. On the first day, 27 dogs were sterilized in her home, and on the following day, 23 more dogs were sterilized. We thank Enrique for her unwavering commitment and efforts to help us sterilize as many dogs as possible.

A third mini campaign was organized by another Baja Dogs lead volunteer, Rosa Cruz, also a passionate advocate for our sterilization campaigns. The campaign was held at a local resident's home where the owner cares for nearly 30 animals. All are in great health, and the dogs were large, most around 25+ kg. We sterilized 10 dogs, and will be returning to this property in the next few months to sterilize a litter of puppies and their mama.

We thank all of our volunteers, veterinary partners and supporters who continue to help us make a difference! If you would like to help us continue our sterilization campaigns and control the overpopulation of street dogs in La Paz, you can donate here.


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