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207 Pets Sterilized in June Campaigns

Baja Dogs continues to sterilize pets in underserved communities throughout La Paz, thanks to our dedicated volunteers and veterinary team, and of course due to the generosity of our donors! In June, 61 in-office sterilization surgery vouchers were redeemed. In addition, another 146 sterilizations were performed via 3 mini campaigns and 1 large campaign event.

There was such a high demand in the Colonia of Diana Laura, where we held our large campaign in June, that we followed up with 2 additional consecutive mini campaigns. The Director of the local school, Antonio Bareno Arce, was so supportive of our work and allowed us to use the school for three consecutive weeks. Then, Dr. Fernando paid a visit to a local resident's home to sterilize the multiple animals living there. This gentleman was incredibly grateful and thanked us repeatedly for our work.

The large campaign we did in June was where we held all of our 2022 summer campaigns, at the Salon Gastronomicos thanks again to our devoted volunteer, Karla Ramirez and her husband Jose Oscar Martinez Burgos, owners of the salon, who have extended the salon to us for the entire summer. Because of their generosity, we are able to continue to do our work despite the heat, in a controlled and air conditioned indoor venue.

To see pictures from the campaigns, click on the video below:


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