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167 Dogs Sterilized in July 2023 Campaigns

Baja Dogs Sterilizations continues to bring free pet sterilization services to La Paz area communities with the goal of reducing the population of abandoned and unwanted pets. 167 dogs were sterilized in our July campaigns, thanks to our generous donors, volunteers, and the ongoing commitment of our veterinary partners, Dr. Mario and his team at Clínica Veterinaria El Centenario, and Dr. Fernando and his team from Baja Pets. Watch the video below to see pictures from our campaign events:

53 dogs were sterilized in a single day at our main, indoor campaign. A special thanks to our volunteers who continue to donate the use of their event salon during the summer months, so that the sterilization surgeries can be performed indoors in an air-conditioned environment. In addition, another 49 individual vouchers were redeemed for in-office sterilization surgeries, and 65 sterilizations were completed via 3 mini campaigns.

Our mini campaigns are typically held at a local resident's home, where the family and neighbors will make appointments to have their dogs sterilized. This month, Baja Dogs Sterilizations received a desperate call from a rancher who found 27 dogs and 3 cats that had been abandoned at a ranch in the desert an hour north of La Paz. Several local rescue organizations including Baja Dogs Sterilizations, Cortez Rescue and Outreach Family rallied to help the animals. Our veterinary partner, Dr. Fernando, and his team traveled to the site to perform a mini campaign to sterilize the animals. It is a sad story, and a heartbreaking reminder of why our work is so important. Only through sterilization can we prevent the overpopulation and suffering of unwanted pets here in Baja.

So far this year, 1,334 dogs have been sterilized thanks to our generous supporters , with a running total of 3,985 sterilizations completed to date. The working continues! If you would like to help us continue the work, please consider making a monthly donation here.


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