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24 Dogs Sterilized in January 2022 Campaign

Our La Paz sterilization campaign continues!

On Saturday, January 15th, Baja Dogs La Paz held a mini sterilization event in the Colonia Revolucion (at our volunteer, Raquel's, house!). Dr. Fernando provided the veterinary expertise, and our volunteers Carolina, Oziel, Raquel and Linda DiMeglio were on hand to help out with pre- and post-operative care. 24 dogs were sterilized during this single event! Big thanks to all of our volunteers who came out to help and to Dr. Fernando. Together, we are helping La Paz area families care for their pets and reduce overpopulation one neighborhood at a time.

Local pet owners get creative and find a way to bring their dogs to be sterilized at our campaign event in Colonia Revolucion. Licensed veterinarian Dr. Fernando performed the sterilization surgeries, and our volunteers provided pre and post op care.


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