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75 Pets Sterilized in July 24 Campaign

Another 75 local family pets were sterilized in Baja Dogs' July 24th sterilization campaign, bringing our total number of pets sterilized to date to 1,961! The campaign was held in the local community (colonia) of Las Garzas. We want to thank Karla Ramirez and her husband, Jose Oscar Martinez Burgos for allowing us to hold the campaign in their event venue, Salon Gastronomicos. This made it possible for our veterinary partners, volunteers, the families and their pets to be inside with air conditioning. With the temperatures in La Paz reaching triple digits in July, their generous donation of the venue was truly a life saver, as an outdoor venue limits the number of pets we can treat in the summer months. Their help is very much appreciated, as is the help of all of our donors, volunteers, veterinarians and supporters who make our campaigns possible. Thanks to all! Watch the slideshow below to see pictures from the campaign. To donate and help us with future sterilization campaigns, simply fill out the donation form at the top right of this page, or visit


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