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83 Dogs Sterilized in May Campaign

Baja Dogs held two La Paz area pet sterilization campaigns in May: 1 mini campaign with 20 dogs sterilized, and a larger campaign where 63 dogs were sterilized in a single day. The large campaign was held at the Primary School in the Colonia Diana Laura. Thank you to Director Antonio Bareno Arce for his support! There was so much demand in this neighborhood that we are returning to hold two more mini campaigns here in June. Everyone at the school has been incredibly supportive, and want us to get more involved with educational programs and continued sterilizations within the community. We are very grateful to have such wonderful community support for our mission. And as always, a huge thank you to our veterinary partners, Dr. Mario and his team, and Dr. Fernando and his team, and to all the volunteers who continue to come out to support our sterilization campaigns. To see a slideshow of pictures from our May campaigns, watch the video below:


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