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Alma's Story

By Linda DiMeglio

Treasurer and Director of Operations

Baja Dogs Sterilizations

In 2015, I was volunteering at K-9 Dog Rescue, a La Paz area rescue supported by Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc. Alma was a dog brought into the ranch as part of the Baja 34 Project, headed up by Diana Finman Hall of Camp Bow Wow in Minnesota. Thirty-four animals (including cats) were rescued off the beach at Pichilingue, a local La Paz area beach where animals are often abandoned. All of the dogs were brought to K-9 Dog Rescue, where they were cared for by volunteers.

Alma (now Daisy), was pregnant when she was rescued from Pichilingue beach in La Paz, BCS, Mexico.

Alma, like most of the other dogs rescued that day, was at first terrified of human touch. But, day by day, with lots of love and patience, Alma began to come out of her shell.

Like so many abandoned female dogs, Alma was pregnant, and soon she was ready to give birth. During Alma's labor, I sat in her pen to comfort her, and eventually she gave birth to 7 puppies. Once the dogs and puppies were all vaccinated, sterilized and ready for adoption, they were sent to Camp Bow Wow in Minnesota and were eventually adopted.

Alma was pregnant when rescued with 7 puppies.

Meanwhile, Diana fell in love with Alma and adopted her as her own dog. Her name was changed to Daisy, and she lived an incredibly happy life as a much-loved companion to Diana. Sadly, Daisy passed away 2 years ago and is no longer with us, but she lived a very happy and full life filled with love after her rescue. Here is a picture of Alma, now Daisy, the way she should always be remembered: smiling and happy in a field of daisies!

Alma, whose name was changed to Daisy, in a field of daisies.

There are so many more dogs that are abandoned who don't get the opportunities Alma/Daisy got to live a happy, full life. To help us stop the cycle of abandonment and suffering, please help by making a donation. Just $25 USD helps us sterilize one dog and prevents them from giving birth on the street. You can help us help them by donating here.


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