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Baja Dogs Campaign Receives Local Media Coverage

Baja California Sur news outlet Diario El Independiente came to the Baja Dogs June campaign in Colonia Calandrio to do a story on our sterilization efforts.

A reporter from local Baja California Sur media outlet Diario El Independiente came to a Baja Dogs sterilization event in Colonia Calandrio on June 12th to cover the event. The reporter interviewed Baja Dogs volunteer, Linda DiMeglio, who coordinated the sterilization campaign with the help of other local volunteers and veterinarians. We've translated the article into English below, or you can read the original story in Spanish here.

Altruistic Organization has Sterilized 1700 Pets in La Paz

Baja Dogs carried out a new sterilization day in El Calandrio with Significant Community Participation

The altruistic organization Baja Dogs, with more than a decade participating in actions to protect the domestic fauna of La Paz and its surroundings, carried out a canine sterilization day in the vicinity of El Calandrio, where dozens of owners participated who, with this, seek to avoid the overpopulation of animals without owners in the city.

Linda DiMeglio, current director of operations of the non-profit association, thanked the community for its support in carrying out the day and confirmed that work continues with the support of caring veterinarians, public institutions and responsible pet owners to bring under control again, the population of canines in the locality. “We have about a hundred and twenty appointments and a waiting list, sterilization is very important to control the population. With this we are also preparing a program to teach young children to be responsible owners of pets and solve this problem” she expressed in an interview for Diario el Independiente. She invited all those interested in participating in the sessions to follow the social networks of Baja Dogs to know the dates and request appointments for sterilization, which is free thanks to the participation of supportive veterinarians and the contributions of the community. Baja Dogs, started with a foundation to rescue pets in El Centenario, has now turned its efforts, since last year, to collaborate in the sterilization of dogs, confirming that over 1,700 dogs have now been sterilized.


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