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Baja Dogs La Paz Sterilizes 129 Dogs in September Campaign

2,260 pets sterilized to date in underserved La Paz area communities

Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc., has sterilized 2,260 dogs to date in underserved communities throughout La Paz at no cost to local pet owners, thanks to generous volunteers and donors supporting this important effort. Our U.S. based non-profit organization has been holding campaigns each month in local communities here in La Paz, BCS, Mexico, working with local residents to encourage local pet owners to bring their dogs to be sterilized by our licensed veterinary partners. This month, 76 dogs were sterilized in a single day on September 25th.

The campaign was once again held indoors, out of the summer heat, thanks to the owners of Salon Gatstromonicos, who provided their facility for the campaign. 14 volunteers came out to help our veterinary partners, Dr. Mario and his team from Clinica Veterinaria El Centenario, and Dr. Fernando of Veterinaria Baja Pet's. In addition, Kenia Angulo Gutierrez, a volunteer with local non-profit organization Franky Hanon, held educational classes throughout the day on responsible pet ownership. In addition to the 76 dogs sterilized on campaign day, an additional 53 dogs were sterilized by appointment at our veterinary partners' offices, thanks to vouchers provided by Baja Dogs La Paz, which recipients can use to obtain free sterilization surgeries for their pets. As always a big thanks to all of our donors, volunteers and veterinary partners who make these campaigns possible.

Your donation of $25 funds one sterilization surgery. To donate and help us continue the effort, please consider making a monthly donation by filling out the donation form on this page or visit our donation page here:


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