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Cat Sterilization Day with Jorge at Pichilingue Beach

Baja Dogs Teams up with Jorge at Pichilingue Beach to Sterilize 9 Kittens and 2 Cats

For all of you that have been following Baja Dogs over the years, you may be familiar with the man named Jorge, who lives on the Pichilingue beach in La Paz. For years, he has open heartedly cared for so many animals that are dumped on him from irresponsible owners who leave animals at the beach. Most recently, 3 adult cats were left on the beach, of which 2 were pregnant. In June, with the help of Baja Dogs and Dr. Fernando Gajon, 9 kittens and 2 adult cats were sterilized. All but 2 (which we were unable to trap) of the 30 cats and 7 dogs have been sterilized with the help of other gracious organizations. Thank You to Carlos Caceres and Daniela Barrios for allowing us to use a shaded space at Perlas de La Paz to perform the surgeries! Click the image below to watch the video slideshow:


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