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February 2022 Sterilization Campaign

61 dogs were sterilized in a single day in the La Paz neighborhood of Colonia Calafia.

Another Baja Dogs sterilization campaign was successfully completed on February 21st, with 61 dogs sterilized in one day, plus 19 vouchers handed out to neighborhood residents for in-office appointments! Local veterinarians Dr. Mario, Dr. Fernando, and Dr. Alan and his team came to the event, along with local neighborhood and Baja Dogs La Paz volunteers. The event took place in the local Calafia colonia (neighborhood) here in La Paz.

Neighborhood residents/volunteers Maria Teresa and her daughters, Estefany and Susana, arranged for the school location where the event took place. The girls then went door to door to sign local pet owners up to bring their pets to the event, and made follow up phone calls to confirm appointments. On the day of the event, when the staff arrived and realized the electricity had not been connected, Maria Teresa ran home, put a generator in her car and came to the rescue until the folks from the school came to turn the property's electricity on!

Check out the slide show and video on this page for pictures from the event. Want to help fund more sterilizations? Donate here.


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